Since a couple of months, Vlerick Business School and Talentree kicked off the preparatory phase of the ‘Newcomer Induction Management Acceleration Programme’ (NiMAP). Through this blog post we want to give you an update on the first steps that already have been taken and our next points of focus.



With support of the European Social Fund, Vlerick Business School and Talentree launch the ‘Newcomer Induction Management Acceleration Programme’ (NiMAP). This programme is designed to provide a fast track into the Belgian job market for highly-educated newcomers.

Both internship companies and participants will be closely guided to get the best out of this programme: great new talent for the company and a job at their competence level for the participants.

Next to these two key objectives, the NiMAP programme will also result in the creation of four toolkits with all lessons learned. Each toolkit will be developed for a specific target audience: (I) Highly-educated newcomers; (II) Companies; (III) Educational institutions; (IV) Policymakers. These toolkits will support the four groups mentioned in shifting towards a diversity-oriented economy.

Programme details

 Nimap programme

*Detailed information about the programme can be found here.

Candidate selection process

To be selected to the NiMAP Talent Pool, the candidate has already gone through several stages of the selection process:

Nimap screening process

NiMAP Talent Pool

At the moment, there are 14 candidates who are eligible for the NiMAP project. note that the candidate can only participate in NIMAP when he/she can be matched with an internship company.

NIMAP Talent Pool


*If you want to get to know more about these candidates, you can find their profiles here.
Internship companies

Two companies already joined as an internship company. AGO and J&J confirmed their interest in the project and are happy to bundle forces in order to find the right match(es).

In the next couple of weeks, the whole NiMAP project team will focus on finding interesting internship companies, to maximise the amount of successful matches.

(If you know an interesting internship for these candidates, please don’t hesitate to let us know!)

Press & Media

In the course of last few months, NiMAP has received visibility through several channels. After the NiMAP project was noted by the press, articles have been published in different magazines. Kanaal Z even took this opportunity to make a short documentary, which can be found on the internet!



*By clicking the logos, you will be directed to the articles concerned.


Find out more about the NiMAP project.

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