Building international and entrepreneurial teams

You want the best talent in your team, not just the ones that are most convenient. Make your team better by finding new talent and/or investing in the talent you already have.

  • Book a coaching session for you and/or your team
  • Gain insights and grow where you and/or your team need it the most
Develop talent
  • Place your vacancies in the spotlight for international and multicultural high-educated profiles that live in Belgium
  • Strengthen your employer brand to a more diverse talent pool
Find talent

BOSAQ ‘s mission is to help tackling the looming global water crisis and to provide the world with sustainable drinking water. Hiring a multicultural team from the start supports our global strategy. Additionally  Talentree helps us with finding the right employment formulas so both the talents and our startup can grow together.

Jacob Bossaer - CEO BOSAQ

“After my bachelor in ‘Ethnobotany’ in Uganda, I decided to further build on my passion with a masters in Biology and a masters in Environmental sanitation at Antwerp and Ghent university. Aspiring environmental technology scientist & biologist roles Talentree matched me with Bosaq for an internship. Here I work in the core of my expertise in a entrepreneurial and international setting.” 

Martin - Ugandan biologist living in Ghent