Customised search for the perfect candidate

Are you looking for specific international or multicultural talent to strengthen your team? We offer a fully customised and modular search including

  • Job content specification
  • Talentree network activation
  • Identification and follow-up of candidates
  • Coaching to fasten the onboarding process

Diversify your search process

Do you want to build more diverse teams? Finding talent that is different from your current talent pool requires new ways of working. We offer your recruitment team customised coaching in

  • Finding the best search channels for the diverse talent you are looking for
  • Opening up your employer branding towards a more inclusive brand
  • Building clear target groups for focused recruitment efforts
  • Creating a more inclusive candidate process

Interested in recruiting for diversity? Then discover interesting tips and facts in our guide:

“The tools are useful and very relevant nowadays. Both potential employees and employers are taken into account. We will definitely recommend them to our candidates, other organisations and local governments

HR professional at Stad Gent and OCMW Gent