Building strong multicultural, international and diverse teams


Diversity is not a goal in itself. Building strong diverse teams is a means to support important strategic objectives:

– Winning the war for talent
– Strengthening customer orientation
– Improving decision making & innovation
– Increasing employee satisfaction
– Enhancing the company’s image

But merely putting together diverse teams does not necessarily add value, companies and organisations need to manage them well and incorporate diversity in their overall strategy.

“Vlerick Business Schools teamed up with Talentree because of their unique expertise to provide leadership coaching for the diverse and international audience of our learning journeys. On top, they support us to build and grow our international talent pool at Vlerick”

Director General at Vlerick Business School

One of the ambitions of our Corporate Citizenship initiative ‘Skills to Succeed’ is to walk the talk as inclusive employer and to recruit from this new talent pool, like newly arrived migrants. Denise brings very relevant industry & project management experience to Accenture and will get the opportunity to further build her local language & new technology skills on the job.”

Magali Frankl - Corporate Citizenship Lead Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

“I joined my husband for his new job in Belgium. Talentree helped me to get more insights in the Belgian job market. The project management job at Accenture fully builds on my previous experience & ambitions to cross business & technology.”

Denise - Brazilian project manager living in Leuven

“The tools are useful and very relevant nowadays. Both potential employees and employers are taken into account. We will definitely recommend them to our candidates, other organisations and local governments

HR professional at Stad Gent and OCMW Gent

“The workshop offered a great mix of theory and practice through interaction and exercises! I learned a lot today about things that I wasn’t aware of, but which are very important in reality. I will build upon these insights in my daily work!” 

Recruiter at Telenet

“We didn’t scratch the surface, this training facilitated in-depth conversations that allowed us to hold up a mirror to our perceptions and behaviours. The fact that we had business owners and HR colleagues together in the session, was a real added value”

Recruiting Manager at Telenet

“Diversity is not a topic on the strategic agenda of Hello Customer. However high on the agenda is our international growth where we see the world as our playground: building an international team fits these goals and also further builds our entrepreneurial company culture.”

CEO at Hello Customer


Build strong diverse teams to support your strategic objectives like growth and innovation


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