Find diverse talent that matches your vacancies and broader business strategy

  • Your vacancies in the spotlight for international and multicultural highly-educated profiles who live in Belgium
  • Employer branding to a more diverse talent pool 
  • Offer tailored to your needs: from posting your vacancies to concrete screened profiles to customized searches
  • Expertise in support measures from the government regarding divers talent 


Find employers that see your international and multicultural background as an asset

  • Your profile visible to a broad and warm network of Belgian employers
  • Concrete vacancies that focus on extra languages, specific competences and/or multicultural background as an asset
  • Informative screening process with concrete tips & tricks about the local job market and a boost to search actively and with a clear target
  • Part of a warm community that all together makes a supporting network

A community by and for each other

Finding a job or a new employee is difficult when you don’t have the right network. The networks of international and multicultural talents and those of Belgian employers often don’t cross. And that’s where we come in. Talentree is building a community by and for each other where employers, employees, partner organisations… make each other stronger.

Diversity as the new normal

Companies who are ready to strategically place diverse talent into their companies are one step ahead. They have a more richer talent pool to tap into to support them in their growth, internationalisation and innovation policy. That’s why Talentree sees diversity as an asset and wants to make it the new normal in business life.

We believe in you, do you?

Your multicultural or international background is an asset, and on our platform you’ll find employers that feel the same way. A brand new network, a different vision on the world, mastering an extra language are just the beginning of what you can offer your future employer.

Screening process to learn from

Becoming a part of the Talentree talent pool means following and going through a screening process in which you will complete tests and attend an interview. During all the steps you will go through, you can always count on our feedback and support. We will give you concrete tips and will broaden your view on the Belgian job market.


Our experience has taught us that it is important to first define your challenges and by doing so getting diversity on the top of your agenda. Start in teams where diversity can make the most difference such as sales, marketing, innovation and HR. And use the aid measures provided by the government to experiment with almost no risk at all and most importantly to learn.