Networking and building your CV simultaneously 


According to studies by Performance-based Hiring, 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. As so, it is pivotal to utilize the extra time you’ve got on your hands to build your CV and network – this will make you stand out from those who didn’t! The best thing is that you can actually do both at the same time – meet inspiring people who can become good business connections or friends and build your CV within many different disciplines. 

However, we know that it can be quite hard to dig up those exciting events worth spending your time on. But hey – we got your back, and we made it a little easier and more accessible. We have gathered 10 events not to miss in November, so you can practice your pitch, your English and/or your Dutch, all while taking in new knowledge and building that network! Without further ado, here they are:


Join us at the Vlerick Expat Event on 14 November! What’s on the schedule? The impact of digitalisation. Topics such as automation, digitalisation and individualisation will be covered in depth by Vlerick Innovation Management Professor Robin Kleer. So, if you are keen on digitalisation or want to educate yourself in this topic, do not hesitate to register for this event! It surely will look good on your CV. We will also be there, and we hope to see as many of you as possible.


Why stop at one event on digitalisation? Being as hot a topic as it is, there is no reason why you should not learn even more about it. If you are free on November 29, keep reading!
You will meet no less than Lora Cecere, founder at Supply Chain Insights and Thierry Geerts, CEO at Google Belgium! They know all about how to make the digital supply chain future-proof and how to embrace digital as the gateway to growth – and most importantly, they want to share that knowledge with you. Other top-notch speakers will also join in on the discussion – professionals from Bpost, ML6 and Anaplan among many others. You do not want to miss out on this one.


Do you still feel a tiny bit insecure about your pitch? Then this is the place to be! Hear all the inspiring and entrepreneurial startups pitch their ideas to investors. After listening carefully and taking notes on their pitching skills, you are free to walk around and engage with investors, independent business owners and other interested parties. The Q&A session also motivates you to ask all questions you may have about business models or anything that comes to mind.


Let’s talk about cultural diplomacy! And while we are at it, why not add a Spanish twist to it? What’s in it for you? A practical discussion on the role of European national cultural institutes and cultural diplomatic services. The key speakers will raise questions such as: Are national cultural institutes and other foreign cultural diplomatic services based in Brussels de facto part of the “institutional lasagna?” And all while talking about this lasagna, you can drink Spanish wine and network with other like-minded expats with a passion for culture!


This is the place where entrepreneurs meet freelancers! So, if any of you fall into the category of a developer, IT-professional, Sales professional or Marketeer, and you are looking for new projects or want to experience the fast-paced life of a startup, then this event offers the greatest opportunity for you! Once again, that pitch is in focus, and you will have a possibility of learning from the startup pitchers and practice your own pitch while speed networking. The goal is to make you find your future project or at least leave feeling inspired and energized!


meet inspiring people learn new things


If you cannot get enough of sustainability, and you too realize that we have an impact on our mother earth today and we should drive positive change – then this is for you! Make sure to save the date on the 16th of November to meet young sustainable changemakers. According to themselves, they promise “not-awkward-network-moments”, which we are pretty sure we all want to miss out on. There will be food, drinks and most importantly an inspirational programme – so what are you waiting for? Register today.


Okay, we think you get the gist now right? Pitching is pivotal. The extra little twist for this event is that you will receive live feedback on it. So, if you are someone who would say “a little competition never hurt anyone”, you need to save the date on the 7th of November! Everyone month, three teams pitch and one wins. If you are not so keen on public speaking and being put in the spot, maybe you want to attend as part of the audience – that’s possible too!


Calling all technical savvy profiles! Or, the ones who want to be. This is one of the only events I stumbled across in Leuven while writing this, and I hope it will be near to some of you. They will talk about all things digital, automating everything as they put it and correctly using debug tools. Food and drinks will also be served, and networking possibilities are promised.


If you are a talent with a background in law, we think this event will tick many boxes for you. The key note speakers are Jurgen Ingels, Fintech entrepreneur, and Pieter Gunst, CEO of – a decentralized platform for legal services delivery and with a background in law, science and technology. Safe to say, you are in good hands! So, if you want to know how to bridge law and technology, this event is for you!


It is no surprise that the only way you can join this event is to put yourself on the waiting list and cross your fingers! Targeted to people with former/current leader experience, this event deals with many questions you surely have asked yourself. They will include everything from how to express authenticity and authority as a leader to how you can develop your communication skills to enhance your career. Guiding you through communications skills using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Natalia and Béla will make sure that you are learning while having fun. So, get yourself on the waiting list for the 15th of November and cross your fingers!


There you have it – a list of events we highly recommend you checking out. As always, we would be thrilled to hear about your experiences at any of the events! Remember to register for the ones you find interesting and best of all – you can leave the wallet at home, because all of them are completely for free.

Have a good time upskilling and networking!


All the best,

The Talentree Team


P.s. You might have read our articles on 9 bad habits to leave behind at your doorstep when going to interviews – well, you might want to leave them at home as well when going to networking events.

Also, before going to the network events, we suggest that you give your LinkedIn a little extra love. This will ensure that people are in awe of your profile when reconnecting after the events.

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