This is the story of Pau who was looking for a new job in Belgium to further grow his career. Finding a job that gave him opportunities to further develop himself , he now shares his tips & tricks with us:

I actually came to Belgium to do my Master Thesis as an Erasmus student in 2013. After a splendid year full of adventures and challenging situations as a stand-alone person in a foreign country, I decided to stay due to the fact that I discovered lots of opportunities for the development of my career. Not only could I find something where I could apply my engineering knowledge, but also a place to learn new languages and a wide variety of different cultures, which I always liked.

Belgium gave me the opportunity to grow faster than I thought and to learn how to hack life by myself, but also to create a new family of unexpected and unknown members of a very cosmopolitan country.

I was looking for a new job for two main reasons, I was trying to reduce the time distance from door to door and find more interesting challenges.

 Tips & Tricks:

1.       Do your best to have the answer to any possible question before anyone asks you. Be ready and well-prepared for any kind of situation. Even the most weird questions can be asked in any kind of interview, examples:

a.       If you were to be an animal, which one would you like to be and why?

b.       Would you feel comfortable if you worked surrounded by women?

2.       Get to know the country, its people, its cities and its culture. Try to find out where you could fit best and search for the place for you to be, a good company where you fit and feel good is a matter of high importance.

3.       Buy a good umbrella!


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