Uitwaaien, IJsberen and Afbellen – they are all untranslatable

Every languages has them: untranslatable words. They describe a feeling or a certain action no other language can capture in just one single word. So, if you want to express yourself like a true native speaker, take a look at these 5 untranslatable Flemish/Dutch words:



1. Uitwaaien

Literally translates as “blowing out” and refers to a refreshing break outdoors in windy weather. A lot of people go for “uitwaaien” to the Belgian seaside because the wind there is almost always present.




When you’re sick sometimes the best and only thing you can do is “uitzieken”. Literally translates to “sick it out” or “outsicking” and means taking it easy until you recover and let your body heal all natural and by itself.



3. IJsberen

Pacing around in deep thought is what in the Dutch language is described as “ijsberen“. If you would translate this verb literally you would get: “Polarbearing”.



4. Goesting

You can use “goesting” in many different contexts each with a different connotations. You can best describe it as a want, a need for something. You could have “goesting” in an ice cream, but maybe your friend hasn’t and he wants a waffle. So you end up buying both, that way everybody gets their “goesting”.



5. Afbellen

Afbellen can be literally translated as “offcalling” and means to cancel plans by phone.



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