Looking for a job as a
1.Aviation sector: Airport Base Manager/Flight Operation Manager, Operations Station Coordinator, Crewing Officer, Duty Manager, Movement Controller, or any other vacancies that require experience in the aviation sector in general or as an ex-pilot. 2. HR management: HR officer, project officer/manager.

Turkish from Brussel

Experience in: Human Resources
Experience: Management/directie
Last job: Head of Strategy & Policy in an international Organization
Degree: Management





I worked over 20 years in the aviation sector as a pilot and a project manager in an HR department. I have a PhD degree in Human Resources during which I had the chance to reflect upon my theoretical knowledge and turn it into practice. I was assigned as Head of Strategy & Policy in the Turkish Military Representation at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. In my three years tenure there I had the chance to utilize my educational and research background, and to gain field experience in a highly multinational and multicultural environment. I am trying to build a new career in Belgium and therefore looking to enter the labor market preferably in the aviation sector and/or in the HR domain.

Problems can also be opportunities: they allow you to see things differently and to do things in a different way: perhaps to make a fresh start.

 Strong interpersonal skills
 Leadership experience in an operational community and also in HR projects
 Outstanding written and oral communication
Strong problem solver
 Ability and willingness to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment
 Ability to work both independently or as a team player
 Stress resistant
 Organized, accurate, thorough, and able to monitor work for quality
 Flexible style, adapting behaviors and policies according to the situations
 Able to plan & organize and to coordinate between different parties
 Eager to learn and a born self-educator
 Structured and coordinated, and excellent attention to detail and accuracy
 Possess analytical skills to quickly detect problems and tackle them persistently
 Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), and also eager to and capable of learning new IT tools

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