The story of Matheus and Accenture


Finding a job in Belgium is a real challenge that many amongst us underestimate. Still, with some perseverance, international talents manage to find a job at their level as well. It is not easy, though. You may have the perfect cv, a bunch of experience and perfect references, but still not be able to find a job because of the difficult Dutch language. Fortunately, there is hope! Check out Matheus’ story, discover his tips and tricks and find a job in Belgium yourself!  


Match made in heaven: Matheus and Accenture

Today, we had a chat with one of our newest matches: Matheus Padua. He did not come to Belgium for our beautiful weather, but to follow the love of his life, who was offered a job here. The friendly Brazilian found a job at Accenture, or should we say Accenture found him? One thing is sure, this is a match made in heaven.

Matheus arrived here in February 2017 and it took him about one year to find his current job at Accenture. It was rather easy for him to get invited to interviews, because he has an impressive resumé, but due to language struggles, it took him quite some time to get hired.

Fortunately, Talentree helped him with job hunting and gave him some relevant tips and tricks for his job search. He started studying Dutch and felt more ready than ever to start conquering the Belgian job market.

Why Belgium?           

As we mentioned before, Matheus did not come to our little country for the weather, but for love. Luckily, he does not regret the choice he made, as he finds Belgian people very friendly. As a great soccer fan, he loves that the soccer culture is very much alive around here. Our chocolate and beer were mentioned as a plus as well.

While he described Belgium as a paradise on earth, Matheus acknowledged that job hunting in Belgium can be hard. Some days, he felt very motivated, got out of bed and started looking for a job, while other days, he did not want to get up because he was let down many times.


Your dream job is out there

Matheus did not give up, though. He persevered and found his dream job. In order to help other talents find their perfect match as well, Matheus was as kind as to share some tips and tricks.

  • Don’t give up, the right job for you does exist
  • Focus on the business that you want to be part of, not on specific jobs
  • Work hard on your language skills (and not only professionally)

In addition, Matheus knows what diversity can mean for a company. Different types of people on the work floor, mean different ideas. Companies with employees from international backgrounds have higher innovation levels than traditional ones.


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