Building strong diverse teams

What’s inside this free toolkit?

Organically or by strategic choice, some of your teams have already become very diverse. More diverse team compositions bring new challenges. How to adapt your leadership style to effectively manage these teams? How to optimally onboard more diverse colleagues?  



What you'll learn

  • Preparing and supporting diverse teams by developing a clear team context, effective communication and new competencies. 
  • A great kick-off for new recruits through a strong onboarding process, extra attention for relocated talent, local language training and mentoring
  • In-depth modules on managing cross-cultural awareness and on how to tackle bias. 

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“Diversity is not a topic on the strategic agenda of Hello Customer. However high on the agenda is our international growth where we see the world as our playground: building an international team fits these goals and also further builds our entrepreneurial company culture.”

CEO at Hello Customer

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Written by Talentree and Vlerick Business School 

Talentree – coaching organisations and talent to build strong international and diverse teams – and Vlerick Business School – a top-tier international business school – developed this toolkit as a part of the NiMAP project supported by the European Social Fund and the Flemish government.  The project intensively followed job seekers in their job search and first months on the new job. Simultaneously employers were interviewed and observed during their recruitment and onboarding processes. Based on these real-life experiences complemented by research and expert interviews the toolkits for both talent and for companies/organisations were designed.