How to manage diversity so it becomes an asset to your company

What’s inside this free toolkit?

The company toolkit consists of

  • four guides full of ready-to-use content
  • four learning modules with slide sets to share the content
  • one exercise book with practical tips & tricks and concrete exercises

Target audience for the guides and learning modules are all internal and external stakeholders like senior management, HR & recruitment teams, supervisors and team members of diverse teams, diversity and inclusion teams, unions, labour market organisations, … for both corporates and SMEs.


What you'll learn

  • Why and how to get multicultural diversity on the agenda
  • Building a diverse organisation: getting the foundations right
  • Recruiting for diversity
  • Managing diversity in the workplace

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“The tools are useful and very relevant nowadays. Both potential employees and employers are taken into account. We will definitely recommend them to our candidates, other organisations and local governments“

HR professional at Stad Gent and OCMW Gent

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Written by Talentree and Vlerick Business School 

Talentree – coaching organisations and talent to build strong international and diverse teams – and Vlerick Business School – a top-tier international business school – developed this toolkit as a part of the NiMAP project supported by the European Social Fund and the Flemish government.  The project intensively followed job seekers in their job search and first months on the new job. Simultaneously employers were interviewed and observed during their recruitment and onboarding processes. Based on these real-life experiences complemented by research and expert interviews the toolkits for both talent and for companies/organisations were designed.