Make the recruiters’ heads turn – use the STAR method


Today’s job market has never been as competitive before. The competitiveness means that it is no longer enough to have the right qualifications, relevant experience and a positive and contagious mindset.

Already in your application, you should make sure that you stand out from the crowd and you make the recruiters head turn and think “well this is an interesting candidate!

There are many ways to do just that, but we like for now to turn your attention to the STAR method. Have you ever heard about it before?

The STAR stands for “Situation, Task, Activity, Result”, and for each example you mention in your CV about previous work experience, you should try to follow this structure. 

Let’s break every step down, so there should be no doubt about how to implement it in your job search.

Situation – here you can describe your role and position in the previous organisation, you were a part of.

Task – think of a specific time where you had to put your qualities to work when completing a task or solving a challenge. Make sure to link to the requirements for the job you are applying for.

Activity – What were your specific action towards resolving this challenge? Did you solve it with someone else or by yourself? It is exactly in this section that the recruiter is should be more convinced than ever to invite you for an interview.

Result – finally, what did you achieve with all the work, you just put into solving the challenge or task? How did these results contribute to the overall success of the organisation or your team work?


Now, when you have successfully used the STAR method in your application, and you are called in for an interview at your potential dream job, make sure to use it again at the interview!
You already know that they liked it, so why not continue down that path, right?  

Applying the STAR method in your job search, you are certain to avoid the common trap of solely describing who you are.
The recruiters have read “I am a natural leader” more times than they can remember, and this does not add any value to them. Every time you say who you are, you should back it up with an example, and that is exactly why you should follow the STAR method.


Good luck trying out this method! We would love to know about your experiences.

All the best,

The Talentree team


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