Talentree speaks up about diversity in business


Today, Talentree was one of the speakers at the European Business Summit, that gathers over 2,000 attendees every year (CEO’s, EU Commissioners, Prime Ministers, business leaders) and features a diverse range of relevant thematic sessions.

Talentree was part of the European Dialogue on Skills and Migration. The focus lies on the role of employers and social partners in the integration of refugees and other migrants in the labour market – a crucial topic for European societies and economies. Also, it was discussed how businesses can benefit from the refugees’ and other migrants’ skills and economic contribution.

Talentree addressed that refugees and migrants should be approached as international talents, using their extra languages, networks, different world views and business views as an asset. We also indicated that corporate citizenship might be a good starting point for considering more diversity but finally the decision needs to be business driven to be sustainable.

Topics that are high on the business agenda like innovation, internationalisation and growth are strengthened by more diverse teams, if well managed.

Talentree has caught the attention of the press various times. Read some of the articles we have featured in and learn more about our views on diversity in business.

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