Always wondered who’s behind Talentree and how it all began? Well then this is the right blogpost for you!

It all began when founder, Hannelore Waterschoot, was studying Industrial and organizational psychology at the University of Ghent. During her time hitting the books she discovered her passion for traveling and others cultures around the world. After graduating from the University of Ghent her thirst for knowledge wasn’t quite quenched. A new chapter in her educational life began with a general management course at Vlerick Business School. She picked a specialization in European HRM, a course organised by 6 international business schools. And that’s how her international mindset was born. 

Hannelore continued her life’s journey and started working surrounded by international talent. At that time, a lot of things started to happen: her sister got married to an Egyptian who was high-educated but couldn’t find a job in Belgium. More and more refugees started fleeing to Belgium. Businesses were searching for international talent, but couldn’t find them. So, that’s where the idea sprung in Hannelore’s mind. An idea that would connect all those international and multicultural talents that are now already available together with the Belgian companies looking for them.

She decided after 12 happy years of working with Vlerick to take a sabbatical. Then (only a week later) an opportunity presented itself. A competition called Startupweekend which Talentree won! The award came with access to the incubator and membership to the BRYO network of VOKA. Together with the help of several other creative minds the idea got more and more body. Enough to bring Talentree the victory of the contest.

Hannelore could not resist. She took the plunge to start with her brand new company Talentree. And as she can’t do everything by herself, she counts herself lucky having a network of professionals believing in the mission and they are as motivated and enthusiastic as she is. They help her with screenings, events, the website… in any way they can, each offering their best talents.

To be continued

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