Last week Steven Van Belleghem launched his new book “Customers the day after tomorrow”. He is a thought leader in innovation concerning customer relationships and the future of marketing. That’s why we were keen to have his opinion on more diversity in Belgian work places. So we’re very grateful he made this video on the power of diversity for us.

Basically he has one simple message: wanna conquer the world? Invest in the power of diversity! 

“I’m afraid if we don’t open our minds to people of different origins in our working environment we will have a very hard time to make it to the next phase.”

He gives two good reasons why diversity harvests such power:

1. It’s very difficult to understand the differences in culture and digital usage if you don’t have those cultures on board.

2.It’s not just about the culture, it is also about the talent. Great education is given around the world. Use this well educated talent to nurture your company.


If you found this talk interesting, chances are that you will also like this TED-talk about how language changes the way we think and linguistic diversity. 


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