Coaching/training in
Career coaching

Knowledge of English or Dutch required will take place in Oost-Vlaanderen

Topics: Training/onderwijs
Level of experience required: Starter
Max number of participant(s): 1-6
For: Those who are looking for some coaching to take control over their career


Your teams have grown diverse in an organic way but you would now like to manage this process more effectively?

You already have some in-company ambassadors who promote a more diverse and inclusive company culture but want to get all your stakeholders on board

Today you perhaps run some fragmented diversity projects but would now like to make them more visible and align them with your overall strategy?  

You already have international teams but want to further strengthen them by working on trust and leadership?     

We offer a series of workshops and coaching sessions to help you meet your current needs for talent diversification. These workshops and coaching sessions target different stakeholders: 

  • Senior management 
  • Recruitment / HR business partners / L&D
  • Hiring and line managers 
  • Diversity and inclusion teams / taskforces 

They can be run separately for each stakeholder group or in mixed teams to stimulate cross-functional and cross-level ambassadorship and knowledge/experience.  

To determine what kind of workshop of coaching session would be most beneficial for your organisation, we invite you to book a free intake meeting with us.

Defining your job goal(s)
Setting clear targets
Discovering learning paths

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