Looking for a job as a
Sales Manager

Ukrainian from Oost-Vlaanderen

Experience in: Sales/klantenservice, Management
Experience: Management/directie
Last job: sales manager of outdoor advertising on big boards
Degree: Russian language and World literature






I moved to Belgium about a 1.5 year ago because of a relationship with someone living in Belgium.

Now, after a short adjustment period and after an intensive Dutch course, I am looking for new personal and professional challenges. I worked as a Sales Manager and as Head of Sales Department in large international companies in Ukraine for 12 years, with a positive impact on the company’s financial results.

I have the skills to negotiate at CEO level and have experience in launching and developing projects in Ukraine. As Head of Sales I opened regional branches and hired employees. I see myself as a strong employee in a large international company. I look forward to adapting my knowledge and experience to the Belgian labour market. I am very enthusiastic and motivated to find a job that fits my dreams and competences.


My motto is: work hard, dream big! A strong motivation helps to move mountains!

business communication in writing
Advertising campaigns
Hard working
Team player
PC skills

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