Looking for a job as a
Lecturer, Project manager or Business development manager

Egyptian from Brussel

Experience in: Management, Training/onderwijs, Sales/klantenservice
Experience: Management/directie
Last job: PhD
Degree: Phd in public economics (technology & education) at VUB






I started my career as a translator in the embassy but soon discovered I wanted to grow further. So I studied logistics in the Netherlands and then worked for 4 years as a business development manager for Mercedes Benz. Fascinated by management, I obtained a Masters in Management at VUB and then was invited to do a Ph.D. in public management investigating the use of tablets in educational settings. Now I want to use this combination of theory and practice to impact your business or project.

Driven by learning and impact, I love to explore new fields and reach challenging targets.

Business development
Business analytics
Project Management
Education & technology

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