Looking for a job as a
Researcher in HR & organisational development or project coordinator

Turk from Limburg

Experience in: Onderzoek/wetenschap, Project management, Human Resources
Experience: Management/directie
Last job: Attaché diplomat Portugal
Degree: Phd in management: HR and organisational behaviour.





Working for 10 years at the operational and strategic HQ of the Turkish armforces, I was appointed as a diplomat for the ministry of foreign affairs in Portugal. There I also started up a phd programme on my passion for HR and organisational behaviour. I would like to continue on this academic path or to use the combination of managerial and academic background to support a Belgian organisation.

I strongly believe in the match between competences and performance as a researcher and a manager.

Strong writing skills (articles, reports, … )
Research (HR and diversity)
Management ( planning, decision making, implementation action plan, coordinations)
Problem solving

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