Passion for sport unites Tawfeek and SportMed


Our very first match was between Tawfeek and SportMed. They found each other in their love for sports. Tawfeek is Syrian, has a Masters in Physical education and Sports training. It is safe to say that sport is his passion. What is his ambition then? “Making every person in the world practice sport, because I believe that sport unites the world no matter your gender, religion or culture,” he told us.

SportMed offers tailor-made physical coaching to support people in an active lifestyle with services for individuals, companies and coaches. They are in full expansion and looking for entrepreneurial coaches. Their philosophy? “Man was made to move, SportMed makes it fun.” Do you feel this incredible match too? We most certainly do!

On the first of June they were present at our launching event and we made a short video on how they met, what kind of difficulties they encountered and some tips and tricks for talents and employers:

Since our first match, we have celebrated numerous other matches. Take for instance our match between Matheus and Accenture, which is definitely a match made in heaven. 

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