Our starsystem measures the interaction level of our talents

As you’ve probably seen Talentree uses stars to rate the language skills of their talents and also uses them in their vacancies. But what do they mean and why does Talantree uses them?

Well, we’re so glad you asked! We use our star system because we believe that rating language skills as good, above average, notion is just not that interesting to know when it comes to looking for a job or an employee. Interesting to know is how talent can interact in their different languages or what kind of skills the company of your dreams is looking for.

Our four stars means that the language skills of the talent or their mother tongue are perfect. Our three stars mean that the language skill is good enough to talk with clients and have professional conversations. Two stars means that the language skill is good enough to talk with colleagues and have some nice chit chat during breaks. One star means just the very basic.

So, now you know and can start the search for your new employee or the job of your dreams!

Talking about language skills, we’ve made a handy blog post for the ones that wish to step up their Dutch language skills. Take a look here

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