Talentree partners with Thalento® for the assessments of our talents

All of our talents run through a process where they undertake several Thalento® assessment tests. Tests give a standardised view on competences, personality and reasoning and since the degrees of our talents often originate from other countries, the results of these tests are a good way for possible employers to have a standardised scale.

Because of the international or multicultural background of our talents, they have a different approach of looking at things and may never have had the opportunity to gain some knowledge on how these tests work. So that’s why we find it important that our talents get the chance to run through the assessment in an environment where they can get some feedback and learn how the results get interpreted by future possible employers.

This was a perfect match with Thalento®, a company with an open-minded way of working and clear thoughts about the future of assessments. In the video below you can hear Ben Greeven, CEO of Thalento®, share his thoughts on diversity. The video was shown during the launching event of the Talentree job platform on the first of June.

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