Talentree is always working on new projects to help talents access into the Belgian labour market, supporting both talents and companies. This time, we collaborated with Vlerick Business School and we are proud to announce the launch of our NIMAP or ‘Newcomer Induction Management Acceleration Programme’.

We got inspired by the successful programme of Stockholm School of Economics, in which 80% of the participants received a job offer at the end of the road. The programme combines a management course with a six-month internship. In addition, both talents and companies are being intensively coached and mentored.

Why not give this a try in Belgium, we thought? Newcomers are often unemployed for months when they arrive in Belgium, even with the right diploma. NIMAP provides a fast track for highly-educated newcomers into the Belgian job market.


For whom?

Both talents and companies benefit from the NIMAP project. On the one hand, highly-educated newcomers are supported to acquire a strong foundation in management and to start building a career in Belgian business. On the other hand, as talent scarcity is a great problem nowadays, we want to match talent with companies in a more sustainable way. These companies get the chance to start attracting more talent from a very engaged and underexploited talent pool in Belgium.


Get enrolled

Are you a highly-educated newcomer? Do you feel like the NIMAP project could be something you are cut out for? Feel free to take a look at our vacancy at

Does your company want to see more international talent in its workplace? Are you willing to offer our talents a six-month internship? Do you want to gain new insights in managing diversity? Feel free to apply at

Not convinced yet? Find more information about the programme at


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