Organically or by strategic choice, some of your teams have already become very diverse. More diverse team compositions bring new challenges. How to adapt your leadership style to effectively manage these teams? How to optimally onboard more diverse colleagues?  

This workshop focuses on: 

  • Preparing and supporting diverse teams by developing a clear team context, effective communication and new competencies. 
  • A great kick-off for new recruits through a strong onboarding process, extra attention for relocated talent, local language training and mentoring
  • In-depth modules on managing cross-cultural awareness and on how to tackle bias.   

The workshop can be run as an inspiration session of 90 minutes up to a full-day workshop

Target audience for this workshop: 

  • Recruitment / HR business partners / L&D
  • Hiring and line managers 
  • Diversity and inclusion teams / taskforces 

The workshop can be run separately for each stakeholder group or in mixed teams to stimulate cross-functional and cross-level ambassadorship and knowledge/experience.  



Want to get inspired? Download our free e-book on managing diversity in the workplace:


This guide and a complementary learning module is developed with the support of the European Social Fund and the Flemish goverment and co-created with Vlerick Business School. All info on the development of the guides can be found on our blog.


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