With these events, you can build your network and your CV simultaneously 

You can’t help but noticing the changing weather in Belgium at the moment. We try to cling on to the last rays of sunshine, enjoy the last barbecues with our friends and might have already checked out cheap weekend getaways to warmer places.

But not everything is dull and grey in September! September is also a month filled with awesome lectures and trainings that will spice up your CV and get you one step closer to your dream job in Belgium. We have collected 10 different ones for you to be inspired and participate in, so you can add a little colour to the grey days ahead while expanding your network.


Networking event organised by Betacowork

This event is interesting for two different profiles. If you have a start-up, see yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur/SME and you are looking for co-founders, developers, CTO, freelancers, investors, marketing experts or any other profile, you belong to profile group 1, and you will not waste your time at this event!

In the other group, we have the part-time/full time freelancers/students. Whether your background is within marketing, IT or sales, there is most likely a start-up that would want you on board. Again, this event will help you unfold these networking opportunities, so what are you waiting for? If you are free on the 16th of September at night, read more and register here.


PitchIn event organised by Betacowork

Maybe you have already read our blog post on pitching – if so, you know how important it is to make the perfect sales pitch of yourself and your competencies. Get inspired at this event referred to as the “best pitching event in Brussels”. As part of the audience, you can help determine who pitched their start-up the best. This is a perfect and fun way to network and become a master of pitching! Learn more and sign up here.


Open Design course

This event is catered to newcomers and asylum-seekers. Kunstensite vzw (KIOSK) and School of Arts Ghent offer a course in Open Design. The deadline for applying is on the 1st of September, so be quick! On their website, they write about the course: “The course programme focuses on Open Design approaches in media-, product- and systems design. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning, and puts an emphasis on technological literacy and new media literacy.” To us, this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you to learn new professional competencies and widen your network – there is not excuse not to go! Get informed and sign up here.

EIT Digital Annual Conference

An event that will teach you adjacent competencies in times of further digitalization. Interesting leaders from high-profile start-ups, corporate innovation executives, EU policymakers and prominent representatives of European Universities and Research Organizations are all present as this event and they will teach you more about digital innovation and showcase concrete applications. Once again, this is a perfect opportunity for you to network with people interested in, or part of, the industry. Get informed here and sign up.


Post-Growth Conference

This is the event you need to go to if topics such as economy, environment, money and finance and society fire you with enthusiasm. Organized by the European Trade Union Institute, you can be sure that this event will be well-organized and worth your time. It is a good way to meet like-minded people who also like to discuss big topics and challenge the status quo. Get informed here.



Guide to getting a job interview in Belgium


Expat Information Fair

This is the perfect event for you, if you have not lived in Belgium for long. A day-long event with booths and workshops all geared towards getting settled, meeting people and learning more about Brussels and Belgium. One of the topics that will be discussed is “working in Belgium”, so this is a great chance of getting some good insights and tips, and, last but not least, expand your network and meet like-minded people. In case you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out our free guide to getting a job in Belgium, which surely has some valuable points for you to discuss at this event. You can look more into the event it here

Immersive tourism, events and culture event

If you are hyped about Virtual Reality and tourism, do not miss out on this event. Together with entrepreneurs, federations and academic representatives, you will discover how Virtual Reality and tourism can go hand-in-hand with each other. Minister Didier Gosuin, Brussels Regional Minister of Economy and Employment, will kick-off the day, and you will have a lot of opportunities to network over a drink and come to know more about a hot topic like Virtual Reality. Sign up here.


How inclusive are business support organisations in Europe?

The event is organized by the European BIC Network (EBN) and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and you will have the chance of meeting a wide range of representatives from the European Commission. Only requirement is that you have an interest in inclusive entrepreneurship and under-represented entrepreneurs. It surely will be an inspiring event with panel discussions and new insights on an important matter. The cocktail reception at the end assures you the perfect opportunities to expand your network and meet some passionate people. Sign up here.


Session about plurilingualism and promotion of minority/regional languages

Join the open working session about plurilingualism, intercultural understanding and promotion of minority and regional languages. With your international or multicultural background, we are sure that you can contribute a lot to a work session like this one. The session makes up one of the initiatives of the European Day of Languages (26 September), and we can only agree with the values that are being promoted at this event. Linguistic and cultural diversity, language learning for professional needs, plurilingualism and intercultural learning are all virtues we appreciate! Get informed here

Digital Brand Advertising and Measurement

Nowadays, digitalization is one of the hottest topics. At this event, you can learn more about digital brand advertising and measurement taught by key figures within the field. New knowledge that you can add to your CV after attending this event is: digital measurement priorities, insights that enable effective targeting of brand advertising campaigns, KPIs for determining brand advertising success… The event also includes a panel discussion where questions can be asked and you can chip in with your knowledge in the field. Learn more and sign up here


We hope that this blog post inspired you to discover new events during September and gave you something to look forward to!

Enjoy – we would love to hear about your experiences with any of these events!

All the best,

The Talentree Crew


P.s. you can make an extra good impression while networking by practicing these 5 dutch sentences

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