Networking and building your CV simultaneously 

Everyone who is, or have been, on the lookout for their dream job knows how long the process can seem. Often, it can be hard to think of initiatives you can take to make yourself even more qualified for your dream position without having to invest a lot of time in it and without having to pay a small fortune for it. Truth is, it doesn’t actually need to be that hard. And to make it even better – we’ve made it even easier for you.

Without further ado, here are 10 free events that will spice up your CV and give you that boost that you need in your job search:

Webinar on How to Land Your Belgian Job Interview

Are you ready for some serious self-promotion? In case you haven’t already heard about it, we are hosting a webinar on the 11th of October from 10-11am in our Facebook group “Talentree Talent Network”. What’s on the schedule? Tips on making your CV Belgian proof, how to write a cover letter of a recruiter’s dream, how to prepare for your interview and how to be absolutely awesome at the interview and much more.
Who will speak? Two of our experts with years of experience within the field! You will also have the chance of asking your questions about the Belgian job jungle at the end of the webinar and learn from the other participants’ questions.
And hey – it’s online, so you can even do it all with a cup-of-something-good from your couch in sweatpants if that is your thing. No one will know.


Innovative Technology in Finance and Insurance 

The core question raised at this event is: What is the need for technological services and solutions in the Belgian Finance & Insurance market today and tomorrow?
As so, if you are someone with a background in finance, insurance or anything digital/technological, we would suggest that you check out this event. All the brilliant insights into the hottest topics right now will be presented on the 16th of October – so save the date! While developing your business and technological skill-set, you will also have the possibility of meeting peers during a matchmaking session. What’s not to like?


Does changing competencies equal changing vacancies? An informational event by Antwerp Management School

Is your Dutch more or less on point? In that case, keep on reading!
Today’s change in technological and socio-demographic evolutions influence candidatescompetencies and open up for many new fields of expertise. This event looks further whether this change can be seen in most vacancies today. In other words, do we see a change in the relative importance of ‘soft’ versus ‘hard’ skills? And if so, are these changes affecting the vacancies and the skill-set that companies are asking you to have? Sip some coffee or tea while you let the experts enlighten you on a topic that can influence your job search process.


Freelance kick-off – why and how to do freelance work?

Network, network, network. We cannot stress how important it is to network. At this specific event, you can both network with other participants as well as the speakers of the event. Oh, and what will the speakers speak about? Freelance work. They will let you in on all the useful tips and tricks of freelance work. We think freelance work can be a great way to grow professionally in a very flexible way that allows you to work from home, your favourite café or even if you go to your home country for a trip. As so, we highly recommend that you save the date on the 15th of October during the evening.


Inspiration Night

Does your heart beat for entrepreneurship? Did you ever play with the idea of starting your own business? Then you will surely be inspired at – well yeah – Inspiration night! The event will shine a light on themes such as cooperative entrepreneurship, social innovation and cofounding. The organisers, Gentrepreneur, wish to target mainly the younger audience, young entrepreneurs and also established entrepreneurs. So, make sure to clear your schedule on the 18th of October in case this catches your attention!


Guide to getting a job interview in Belgium



Networking event in Ghent by MPI

Do you like going to bars and meeting people in a more laid-back, I-don’t-need-to-wear-my-suit-or-heels kind of way? Then you should consider joining the MPI’s networking event in Gent, more specifically at what they refer to as the hottest spot in Ghent: The Cobbler bar in the newly opened 1898 The Post Hotel. They haven’t got much more information on their website, but we guess it’s pretty straight forward – meet up, meet other international professionals in a relaxing setting and have a good time!
In case the beginning of your October is also quite booked already, this might have a chance of sneaking in to your schedule as it is held on the 26th of October.


Networking event for the cultural world: cultural operators and artists

Four hours to meet all the cultural operators you want to – how does that sound?
Culture Meet-Up assures that there will be a positive and open spirit and a big audience for you to network with.
Who comes to these kinds of events? Judging by last year, 200 people from many different fields within the cultural sector decided to show up. Cultural mediators, authors, photographers, art gallery directors, audio-visual producers, teachers and many other profiles will be there for you to learn from, teach to and exchange your professional information with e.g. by giving your business card. Do you see yourself as part of this pack? Then go ahead and highlight the 11
th of October with a yellow marker in your calendar, so you are sure not to forget about it!


Innovation @ The Bar – 5 Technologies You Should Know About 

So, what are the big fives of 2018? Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots, drones, RCS and Speech to text.
They are almost impossible to avoid, and why would you? It’s super useful knowledge to have across a lot of different fields. It does seem like there is a tendency to provide information on these topics in rather formal settings, where you need to iron your shirt or practice walking your heels before going. If that is not really your thing, don’t worry – we got you covered! Well, iReachm got you covered. They realized that quite a lot of people enjoy drinking beer. And quite a lot of people want to learn new things. And they combined the two. With 10-minute demos on these hot topics, you will surely not be bored, and you will be one step ahead of the ones that did not go and obtain the knowledge in these fields.


Expat Financial Affairs 2018

Moving to a new country comes with many new challenges you have to tackle. Keeping your finances on point in a totally different system can be quite overwhelming and frankly, it is quite a jungle to navigate in.
The British Chamber of Commerce is ready to offer you a helping hand with this matter. Expat Financial Affairs offers essential advice in English on managing your finances as an expat in Belgium. Everything from investments, pensions and self-employment to estate planning will be covered, all while you can mingle with fellow expats over food and drinks. Keep the 9
th of October free and get on top of your finances with this free event!


Brussels Networking Club

This is not a one-time event for you to sign up to – this is a group for you to join for future events. Around once a month, the Brussels Networking Group meet up in a cosy setting. According to themselves, one can never know too many people in business or in social life. They argue that it is hard to meet other business people in Brussels or other professionals who have similar levels of education, work experience and/or world travel – do you agree? Then you should sign up today and become a member of their cosy networking club and keep an eye on future events.


For all events, you should make sure to register via the links provided in this blog article. There is nothing more disappointing than standing ready and hyped in the door, hungry for new knowledge and eager to meet new people, just to be told you haven’t registered… Not that we ever tried that…

If you decide to go to one or more of these events, we would be stoked to hear about your experiences! Share them in the Talentree Talent Network on Facebook or drop a comment below!


All the best,

The Talentree Team

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