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What’s inside this free guide?

You are about to kick off a new job in Belgium? Or you already started but do not feel fully confident yet in your new role? We have the expertise to guide you through this onboarding period. 


Kicking off in a new job market requires you to develop new competencies and to adapt to local business habits. We built a tool to support you in this complex process and to help you shine in your new job and company.


What you'll learn

  • Talent development and career moves
  • Internal and external networks
  • Feedback and evaluation talks
  • Cross-cultural awareness 
  • Work-life balance 
  • A checklist that will help you in your first three months on the job

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My tips for finding a job in Belgium?
"Be patient. Looking for a job takes time and there are native Belgian people who experience the same problems as internationals.
Be persistent. Do not give up, and never quit working on your skills on a professional level, as well as on your personal strengths.
Sell your international potential to companies. Every culture has something unique to offer.
The last, but maybe most important: JUST DO IT. Get out there and send your cv and motivation letter to companies, even when you feel you are not fully ready for it. The experience you gain from this journey is very valuable."

Jerry - El Salvadorian learning & development expert living in Zele

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Written by Talentree and Vlerick Business School 

Talentree – coaching organisations and talent to build strong international and diverse teams – and Vlerick Business School – a top-tier international business school – developed this toolkit as a part of the NiMAP project supported by the European Social Fund and the Flemish government.  The project intensively followed job seekers in their job search and first months on the new job. Simultaneously employers were interviewed and observed during their recruitment and onboarding processes. Based on these real-life experiences complemented by research and expert interviews the toolkits for both talent and for companies/organisations were designed.