Job interviews are always a challenge. You have to come across as professional, but still fluent, you have to be casual but also formal… Luckily, there is one thing we can assure you: try to stand out and make recruiters remember you. A good place to start is with these five sentences to use at the beginning or end of your coming “sollicitatiegesprek” aka a job interview.



1. “Goeiedag! Ik ben [insert your name], aangenaam.”


Translation: Good day! My name is [insert your name], pleasure to meet you. Making a good first impression is extremely important. Be professional: shake the recruiter’s hand and greet him or her in a formal, but friendly way as is shown above.


2. “Wat een weer!”


Small talk about the weather always works. This basic sentence covers all weather conditions, so try to go with the flow! You can say: “Wat een weer” very happily to talk about nice weather, or express your dissatisfaction when the weather is bad (which is often the case here) by saying it in an angry or sad way.


3. “Bedankt voor uw tijd.”


Translation: Thank you for your time. After the interview has come to an end, it is great to show appreciation for the time a recruiter has made for you. They will be thankful for this recognition.


4. “Hopelijk tot snel!”


Translation: Hope to hear from you soon. If you had a good vibe from the interview, and you would like to hear something back, let the recruiters know. This sentence is a small hint that you would appreciate that.


5. “Tot ziens.”


Translation: Goodbye
When the time has come to say your final goodbye, go ahead and impress the recruiter with one last sentence. Got it? Check the video for the pronunciation of the sentences! Then, all that’s left for us to say is: Good luck and go for it!


TIP: Job interviews often come with some small talk as well. Want to have something to talk about: take a look at these 12 Belgian movies to watch when learning Dutch.

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